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Alpha Male Advice: Father Issues

Question: I've been dating a girl for about 6 months now and recently she's begun comparing me to her father, is this the end of the road?

Alpha Male says:

Alpha MaleHell no, the road ended about 5 miles ago. The girl has issues, get the fuck out of there while you still can. All women need a father figure of some sort, (because they are arent as strong as they make out) But you need to decide is this girl a fuck'n'chuck or a 'settle-down Mary'. If its the former then enjoy the ride, if its the latter then break some home truths to her. Either way you're going to need to start looking around for a stable fuck buddy.

Any relationship (even the most basic and shallow aka the best kind) that has her thinking of you as a father is going be a serious mind fuck. In short, decide what the fuck you are doing there and then do it.

Zoltan says:

Zoltan the FeebleOne of the few things I like about you fleshy sweet succulent humans, apart from the texture of course, is your desire to also make things more complicated that they are. If she compares you to her father then that is favorable (unless the comparison concerns genetalia, which you humans are pathetically ill equiped in the universal scale of things). She is telling you that she trusts you.

However this is entirely irrelevant since your sole purpose is to reproduce, any time spent away from this activity is a waste of resources! If you wish to impress her hunt down a giant beast of some kind, a bear perhaps, and present it to her as a love trophy. You may also wish to consider killing her father.

Need advice? TOO BAD! Zoltan is offworld at the moment and Alpha is away hunting bears.

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